Wow! Thank you so much for celebrating Tim Ferriss’s birthday by supporting a classroom on This short email contains a gift, so please read all the way through.

Thanks to you, students will have the opportunity to take interesting field trips to amazing places, including sea research vessels and Shakespearean plays! The students you helped will have access to reading activities, word games, listening centers and -- most important -- books for improving literacy skills. Through the Great Give-Back Birthday, you have brought valuable resources to more than 8,600 kids – incredible!
Not only are you passionate supporters, but, as you know, Tim Ferriss has agreed to match your donations, bringing even more supplies to high need schools. But here's the cool part: he wants to give it back to you! You get to decide where to put Tim's money, whether in your hometown elementary school or into music programs across the country.
So please use the below $50 gift code from Tim Ferriss to select a classroom project of your choice on Just find a project that speaks to your heart and enter the code when you checkout. Your gift code expires on September 30, 2010, so don’t forget to fund a great classroom!
On behalf of all the students and teachers you have touched with this gift, thank you very much!
Your friends at

P.S. Here is a note from Tim:
"You rock!!!
It's hard to describe how amazed, overjoyed, and touched I've been by you all, and your selfless contributions to kids who need it most in our schools. PLEASE use your gift code! I suggest you either use it today (it just takes a few minutes), or put it in your calendar for this week so you don't forget. It makes an incredible gift as well.

Just don't forget to use it! Chances are, if you don't use it this week, you will forget. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed this incredible experiment. Wow.
All the best to you and yours -- thank you, thank you, thank you,